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— Kurt Gardner,

Nan McNamara, in a role previously inhabited by such legends as Katharine Hepburn and Vanessa Redgrave, is a simply mesmerizing Mary.

— Terry Morgan,

McNamara’s performance is revelatory— both as an astonishing piece of acting and a genuinely new take on the character that reveals unforeseen facets.

— Steven Stanley,

WOW!  The superb McNamara is heartbreakingly real in an arc that takes her from the edginess of an addict on the verge of morphine withdrawal to the wide/empty-eyed gaze signaling yet another fall into the morphine-induced trance of her own long day’s journey into darkness.


A standing ovation was definitely in order for the actress, Nan McNamara’s outstanding portrayal of Vivian. She kept us all engaged, tackling the demanding language with ease and intense emotion. She carried the play with superb strength and brought me to tears by the end of the play.


WOW!  Her natural warmth concealed under a veil of at times icy sarcasm, McNamara shows us [her] intelligence, her pluck, her vulnerability, her strength, and her wit. McNamara will break your heart.

— Backstage West

Nan McNamara’s spectacular performance . . . provides a completely engaging drama . . . bold interpretation . . . McNamara [is] securely in touch with [her] art and keenly aware of of the pathway to expressing it.

— LA Weekly

GO!  Nan McNamara delivers a peerless performance . . . Tough, unsentimental, yet increasingly vulnerable, McNamara’s understated duelist-with-death is pitch perfect from first to last.